Since 2002, as Isra Holding, we act in line with our principles that shape our business mentality at every field that we operate in. We add quality and prestige to every work we do by following the principles of trade and the rules that are set.

We aim to provide commercial and moral contribution also to our customers and business partners with a synergy that makes others win as we win and makes others grow as we grow instead of one that focuses solely on our individual achievements. We are named among the trusted companies in each industry that we step in with relations based on corporate stance, trust and transparency. If we are one of the leading companies of Turkey today, we owe that mostly to our working principles.

We have always focused on sustainable quality in all areas where we operate. Today, with the same mission as one of Turkey's leading conglomerate, we reach the four corners of the world. In the global market; We operate in real estate, energy, trade, tourism and many other sectors.


Achieving together

We have a team spirit strengthened with individual talents and know-hows. We consult each other and learn together. We overcome the challenges, enrich with differences and embrace success together.

Focusing on people

We keep people above all else, give importance and priority to their needs. We work with the principle of “unconditional satisfaction” for the happiness of all our employees and customers.

Believing in the power of change

We look for new ideas, and support and apply them with our brave attitude towards change and innovation. Thanks to our innovation strength shaped by different talents and know-hows, we identify the opportunities in the market, adapt to the changes rapidly and improve our agility.

Focusing on results

A goal is not an end for us, but rather a beginning. The point that we achieve a goal is always above the expected, better than the previous, and kind of a roadmap of a new journey. With our hard-word that is reinforced with our determination to succeed and our inexhaustible patience that enables us to move forward without getting tired, we sure exceed what we expect.

Quality production, quality service

We work for the sustainability of our quality with our aim for excellence. We define the standards by constantly raising the quality bar for production and services, and work to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction.


Our Vision

We fulfill our responsibilities by following the technological developments in the changing world market, expanding our principles to the entire organization and practices, staying loyal to the nature and humanity with universal values.

Our Mission

To achieve our goal to become an international brand in every field that were are specialized in, we work in line with our principles that had become traditions for us. We aim to establish long-term relations with our business partners and customers with mutual trust.


Accepting the total quality approach as a way of life, İsra Holding fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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